For more than fifty Vinnytsia future drivers familiar with the work of the State

March 26 Vinnitsa driving schools students demonstrated modern measuring devices that use traffic police to record the speed of vehicles and checking drivers for intoxication. Also coming drivers tested their knowledge of traffic rulesoho movement and visited areshtmaydanchyku. The principle of modern laser speed measuring "Truk" and scan drivers for intoxication held instrument via "Drager" demonstrated derzhavtoinspektory future drivers. Deputy Chief Anatoly Prysyazhnyuk UGAI spoke about accidents on the roads and the main reason to commitrozhno accidents, explained the procedure commit violations of traffic rules. The audience showed a video with effects, which leads to disregard rules and invited to the site, which holds by car after an accident. In future examination class drivers tested their knowledge of traffic rules. April 9 derzhavtoinspektori Vinnichiny waiting for everyone to get acquainted with the work of the traffic police. AB UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region