In the Zhytomyr region Korostensky investigators returned to the applicant stolen dvohkolisnyk

Operatives CID caught a man who stole a resident of the county seat bike. In detainee seized another's property and returned to the owner. March, 26 MB Internal Affairs Korostensky turned 27-year-old resident of the district center. The man said that one of aunknown city street bike stolen his $ 1.5 thousand. During the investigative and search actions operatives of the Criminal Investigation found that a criminal offense committed 37-year-old local resident. Stolen bike he withdrew. Currently the further investigation. Guardians owners are turning to bicycles, mopedsin, scooters and other vehicles to comply with a request to basic safety rules: - Do not leave bicycles unattended at entrances of buildings, nearby shopping facilities, other public places; - If you need to leave for a while dvokolisnyk use only secure bicycle locks. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraineyiny Zhytomyr region