In Vinnytsia March 27 - International Day of Theatre

March 27 the whole world celebrates the day of theater, established in 1961, IX Congress of the International Institute of Theatre. In the beginning the theater was extremely important ethical and artistic values ??in society nose and good ideas of humanism, contributed to the formation of aesthetic taste, broadening horizons. According Holovnoho Department of Statistics in the Vinnitsa region Vinnitsa region has 2 professional theaters - Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre. MK Sadowski and Academic Puppet Theater "Golden Key". In music and drama theater performances played in Ukrainian, while the puppet theater - both Ukrainian and Russian languagess. In 2014, the theater was shown Vinnichiny 827 performances, of which more than half (63% or 519 performances) held on a stationary scene, every third - traveling within their city and every fourteenth - tour within Ukraine. For the villagers held 18 performances, which is 2% of the total. Last year Mr.ostanovka theater area looked almost 123 thousand. audience, including performances at the hospital was visited by 85 thousand. audience outreach within their city - 26 thousand., and in Ukraine - 12 thousand. audience. Compared to 2013, the number of visitors theatrical activities decreased by 8 thousand. People. Total number of seats in the halls for theatrical hlyadachiv is 850. Music and Drama in addition to the main hall has an additional scene that allows you to set the play in a chamber setting. The level of provision in some places in the halls of the auditorium in music and drama theater is 20 people, puppet theater - 3 places per 10,000 population winery. Total in theater Misttion employs 211 full-time employees, of which half (or 109 people) is the art and artistic staff. Current repertoire Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater. M.K.Sadovskoho last year added a new 5 performances - "Orchestra", "Love your Ukraine," "On Sunday morning I dug potion ..." "Honeymoon,or "Noah's Ark" and the fairy tale "Thumbelina and a butterfly." Vinnitsa puppet theater is one of the oldest puppet in Ukraine - it was founded in October 1937. In 2014, acting repertoire replenished with new multi-genre performances and other works of theatrical art, among them - "Once again about Little Red Riding Hood", "strict test", "pageybayucha Princess, "" You, me and ... puppeteer "," St. Nicholas's Day "and others. In 2014, the theater has won three out of ten nominations at the International Festival of Puppet Theater "Under the cap uutse" (Moldova) for performance "shepherdess and the Chimney sweep." Vinnitsa puppet theater performances are greatly appreciated expert council composed, are leading teatroznavtsi and theater critics. The priority of the team is charity. In 2014 the theater took part in the event dedicated to the International Children's Day, International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the Christmas holidays. Special attention is paid the theater gifted children and youth. On the basis of operating theater theatrical circleth art, whose members took part in the International Children's Festival "Sun, joy, beauty" (m. Nessebar, Bulgaria) and received the highest award of the festival - 1st place in the category "Puppet Theatre". This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration