Lions invited to a book sale and student muzfestyval. Poster

weekend Lions Dive into the atmosphere of music festival "Academy" in which classical music lovers will appreciate the young performers. In knyhomaniv awaits sale and for fashionistas - Lviv Fashion Week. In addition, everyone can see the exhibition of poetry and tacosalso see the new show. The conductor directs an orchestra. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK This and many more read our bills. Continues traditional Lviv Fashion Week. This is the 15th Spring Fashion Week, which takes place in. It presented a collection of clothing and accessories Autumn-Winter 2015, a collection of clothes for project « Tustan & raquo ;. Pokbasics will continue until March 29 inclusive. The details and location shows more can be found on the main website. Lviv Fashion Week. Photo: ZIK On Sunday, March 29, from 12:00 to 17:00 in Lviv last big spring sale « Books on Life & raquo ;. The event will take place in the first library Lviv on the street. Brickwork 2a. Memberaction « Books for Life » can buy all the books « Old Lion Publishing » with significant discounts. Also in the program – Charity BookCrossing, poetry readings, workshops for children and adult non-stop. Workshops for children and adults: Children program 12: 00-13: 00 – workshop « drip-drip, velykodof krapanka » (Natalya Bondarchuk holds); 13: 00-14: 00 – workshop « angels of kids » (Kate spends Pankiv); 14: 00-15: 00 – reading, conversation with author « Bulb night lightning of thunder » Roman Rosick?; 15: 00-16: 00 – workshop to study the ancient technique of painting (Catherine holds Nemyra) 16: 00-17: 00 – writing letters to the wounded boys who are in the military hospital (holds Mar ’ wooden Cyrus). The adult program 12: 00-13: 00 – workshop « Soft-heart sachet » (Kate spends Pankiv); 13: 00-14: 00 – master class on making ritual dolls freckles (Martha holds Fedorov);14: 00-16: 00 – Workshop Easter eggs with calls Zahayskoyu; 16: 00-17: 00 – poetry readings with Irina Starovoit, Marianne Kiyanovskoyu, Julia Musakovskoyu. THEATRES sabbath REPERTOIRE Lviv Opera 18.00 show « Carmen & raquo ;. Theatre Zankovetskoy 0 18.00 invites you to play « Vij, a breeze! & Raquo ;. At 18.00 on SaturdayAnd on Sunday at the theater « Resurrection » will show « Merry Inn & raquo ;. Theatre Kurbasa also on Saturday and Sunday will play one – Memento vivere. Its beginning – 19.00. First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences 14.00 show « Pippi Longstocking & raquo ;. Theatre « and People and Puppets » 12.00 to 14.00 preparing performance « red-haired Hedgehog & raquo ;. SUNDAY REPERTOIRE First in Lviv will premiere ’ Pierre performance « building on the border » based on n ’ thou Polish playwright S?awomir Mro?ek. The play will be shown at 17:00 at City Palace of Culture. Gnat Khotkevych. At noon will be held in Lviv Opera Ballet « Coppelia & raquo ;, and at 18.00 the audience waiting « Stolen Happiness & raquo ;. At 18.00 performance « Sharika » show theater actors Zankovetskoy. Theatre Ukrainian Lesia prepared two performances: at 12.00 – &Laquo; Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all & raquo ;, at 18.00 – &Laquo; Baba & raquo ;. At 11:00 in the First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences – &Laquo; Wizard of Oz & raquo ;, at 15:00 – &Laquo; Beautiful Carpathians & raquo ;. Theatre « both people and puppets » invites you to play « Doctor Aybolit & raquo ;. It will take place at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00. EXHIBITIONS On the weekend can visit the gallery of student at the Academy of Arts, which opened on 25 March. The first performancesthese represented in the gallery, you can see the best artwork from each department of the Academy. This painting and graphic arts, pottery and design, and metal art. Bookstore « There » you can see the exhibition of poetry. March 21 to Vesvitnoho Poetry Day in Lviv and Vinnitsa bookstores « There » occurred reading modern Ukraivein and foreign poetry, sounded lines – in the original and in translation – poems of Ukrainian, Tatar, Polish, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian, Georgian, Armenian, Russian, Lithuanian, Czech, American, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Hebrew, Hungarian modernher poetry. Subject poems – war and all tangible. With all these verses and others, translated for the event and translated before, all will be available in bookstores « There » from 26 March to 10 April: poetry in the original and in translation Ukrainian will be printed and posted in the presentation hall. In Lviv PalaceArt exhibition of works iconography Michael Osprey « Church militant & raquo ;. This is n ’ Fifth personal exhibition, which presents activities in engineering Ukrainian medieval iconography, full of personal experiences, the Gospel story and dialogue with modernity. MUSIC On Saturday coffees ’ Jarni gallery « & raqu Stucko; one hour will sound songs from films and musicals performed by the band La Boh è me – Bogdan wiper (violin) and Yuri Kovalev (accordion). Saturday starts Musical Festival « & raquo ;. Academy The festival will take the best students and leading teams LNMA them. Lysenko. At the opening of the festival March 28eznya in Lviv Philharmonic Hall will feature the works of famous Ukrainian contemporary composers, known far beyond the country: Skoryk and Victor Kaminsky. In concert of the festival will feature little-known works by Mykola Lysenko, unknown works by the pioneer dodekafoniya, lions ’ Yanyna – Kofflera Joseph and his disciple Ramat-Roman Haubenshtokaand. Also in the festival pearl of the world and Ukrainian classics. During the last week of holiday music in which everyone can choose the program in their preferences. On Sunday at 13.00 in Lviv Philharmonic – Symphony morning with students of Lviv secondary specialized music boarding school Krushelnytska. Then at 18.00 student concert symphony orchestra. MOVIES Cartoons &Laquo; Oz: Invasion flying monkeys & raquo ;. You city ’ yatayete how it all started? Once upon a time in Oz arrived young heroine, her name was Dorothy, she was able to defeat the evil witch of the West and the good witch Hlinda helped her return home. And friends of Dorothy – Scarecrow,Iron Woodman and the Lion Bold – became rulers of Oz. And in a charming country was well until Hlinda in his goodness not decided to give insidious witch of the West another chance. Enchantment villain placed in a broom, broom and handed rulers. But the wicked witch – is a wicked witch, even without its charms ... stories familiar from childhood, continuedtion which tells the little flying monkey that is not really able to fly and do not want to serve insidious witch of the West. &Laquo; Shaun the Sheep & raquo ;. The peaceful life of a small vivtsefermy is at risk as a result of regular antics tireless host Sean Lamb Farm gets to the big city. Plenty enjoying full freedomand impunity, Sean and the rest of the sheep begin to worry about the farmer and decide to go to his rescue. Disguised as men, they go to the big city, where they will most fun and epic adventure life. NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Everything is burning & raquo ;. This film is not about the revolution that changed the Ukraine in winter 2013-2014. Rather, it shows universalgrease scheme of some kind of uprisings and protests – those that end in bloodshed. First noble desire for freedom faced with the dark forces of the repressive government. Then, after the amounts ’ vuet and chaos righteous anger of people changing pure fury. After the first losses on both sides, no matter what the outside looks black and whitem, in the midst of the battle line between good and evil begins to wear off. At the end – everything is burning. &Laquo; & raquo ;. Glacier Young couple scientists sent to the ice bound research base. All of the staff disappeared. They – the only living soul for hundreds of kilometers. But researchers find themselves closer to unraveling the monstrous, more clearly understood by kozhnym their step watching somebody else – something mysterious. They – his last visit. &Laquo; Curse: Beginning of the End » (Horrors). A young teacher from elementary school sent home to his pupil, who for the past week with no ’ appeared in the classroom. But being in the house where the boy lives, she faces a number offrightening mystical events. &Laquo; Fast & Furious 7 & raquo ;. They conquered Tokyo and Rio, Los Angeles and London. But the world will not play by their rules. Heat the Arabian desert, indecent high skyscrapers, millions of dollars on wheels and very, very famous thief. Speed ??knows no boundaries. &Laquo; OLD » NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Annie » (Musical, drama,comedy, family). Charming and witty Annie lives in unattractive orphanage supervised nursery evil. But one day, after a meeting with a rich and successful businessman, his life turns ... &Laquo; Divergent Section 2. insurgents » (Fiction, thriller, thriller, adventure). Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demonsand continue the fight with a powerful alliance that threatens to destroy the existing order in Chicago. &Laquo; Pilgrim Paulo Coelho » (Biography, Drama). He pursued power, he felt the harmful effects of drugs, tried their hand at rock stars, learned how – be not like everyone else. He betrayed his own father, even went to prisonand a psychiatric clinic. Before becoming a famous writer, Paulo Coelho took quite hard way. &Laquo; Samba » (Comedy). Samba – Senegalese living in France for ten years, but failures still haunt him – He can not get a good job. Alice – senior executives, literally « withburning » at work. Samba in every way trying to get documents to employment and Alice seeks salvation from emptiness of their lives. Each one looks for a way out of the impasse generated until one day their destinies intersect. Between laughter and tears of their history making its way to happiness. &Laquo; & raquo Cinderella; (Fantasy, drama, romance, adventure, family). The father of a young girl named ’ i Ella, a widower, married again, and soon Ella left alone with greedy and envious new relatives – Lady Tremeyn stepmother and her daughter Anastasia and Drizelloyu. From the hostess she becomes a maid, forever contaminated ashohm, for which he receives from his quarrelsome consolidated sisters nicknamed – Cinderella. Despite the trouble that fell to its lot, Cinderella zneviryuyetsya not, because even in the most difficult moments is something that helps her to think of a good example, a chance meeting on forest trail with wonderful young man. Ella did not suggest that metby Prince and soon fairy-godmother forever change her life for the better. &Laquo; Robot Chappi » (Action, Thriller). Chappi – prodigy. Like any other child, he falls under the influence of their environment, and only his heart ydusha help him find his way. But there is one thing that makes Chappi unlike any other: it – beforesecond robot is able to feel and think. Told