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National Bank of Ukraine denies false information in the media about the activities of PJSC CB "Privat"

Regarding false and provocative information in the media regarding PJSC CB "Privat" National Bank of Ukraine said that. Clients and Partners Bank have no grounds for concern about the widespread false information regarding activitiesto carry out these financial institutions. PJSC CB "Privat" is constantly working bank system with professional management, performs standards and requirements of the regulator has approved a plan for capitalization and support from shareholders. The work of PJSC CB "Privat" conform to the relevant rules on uninterrupted customer service. Exceptaddition, the controller continuously monitors the availability and adequacy of liquidity of the bank. Today PJSC CB "Privat" are systemically important to the financial system and the largest savings bank specialized since its market share in deposits population is over 26%. In view of this, the National Bank will continue for the necessarysti support this financial institution, including by refinancing loans. Refinancing will be directed to meet the obligations to individuals. "National Bank of Ukraine provides refinancing loans to support liquidity only to solvent banks that comply with the law. All loans granted underquality collateral, which is the fair value confirmed by leading international companies valuers, "- said First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksandr Pisaruk. Considering the above, the National Bank of Ukraine urges the media and citizens not to succumb to provocations information, the nature and origin of which must be howlingmined by the relevant authorities.