Lviv police took part in the "Living Library"

In order to prevent drug abuse, smoking and alcohol use among teens workers Striy center of social services for families, children and youth in cooperation with the police, doctors and NGO representatives met with students of local schoolswithin the project "Living Library". The "Living Library" - an attempt to read a person like a book. Students who act as readers have the opportunity to socialize in an informal setting with the police, doctors and people in the past ostupylysya in their lives and were able to overcome the difficulties of life, ie read them like a book. I havefor Nalapsha said Marian, chief specialist Stryisky center of social services for families, children and youth, the main objective of the measure - to create a direct and open dialogue between readers - students and living books - people who are on their own life experiences to tell about the effects of drugs, alcohol and tobaccoI, social and medical problem of tuberculosis. Also on the causes and consequences of juvenile delinquency, to warn young people from rash actions and errors. March 24 meeting took place in the Higher Vocational School 35. The event was attended by representatives of the NGO, TB doctor Oksana Romanov, physician epidemiologicalMr. John Zraylo and Assistant Chief Stryisky city police department of public relations, Police Major Olga Martsynyuk. Currently, this is the third such meeting, before such an event held at vocational schools 16 and 8. As organizers plan, the project will continue. After completion of communication among students is conducted opytuvation. Organizers are interested in their opinion heard on information or interested readers they be "Living Library" and what books they want to read. As the questionnaires, meetings in this format, students perceived positively. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky city police department