? In the Ternopil Oblast completed drafting programs to prevent and combat corruption for 2015.

completed the preparation of the working draft regional programs to prevent and combat corruption in 2015. March 25th regular meeting of the working group that works on the project. Participating in the meeting were representatives pravoohoroThrone bodies Derzhzemahenstva management, fiscal services. "The Working Group has fulfilled almost all areas, we had a number of meetings that were associated with the assessment of the risks of corruption in education, health and other areas of public life, - said the head of the working group, Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Leonid Bytsyura. - We have worked out a draft program of work to be published by the end of the week at the RSA website. After a month of discussions, along with suggestions of community organizations, residents of the region it will be presented to the regional council session. " Reference: Residents of Ternopil can send their suggestions to the draft regional program preventedReference and Combating Corruption for 2015 to the address: pravoodate@gmail.com. We invite you to participate in the development and aktulnoho extremely important document for the area. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration