In Lviv Oblast firefighters rescued by fire 2 people, including 1 child

25 March at 16:15 to the rescue was reported on fire in the basement n ’ storey residential building in the city. Stebnyk Street. Sich Riflemen, 11. Fire appeared in the basement cells, which were heavily cluttered by various household things. It's chryyalo intense flame spread ’ i and a large amount of combustion products. Smoke filled the basement of the building staircase, through which residents could not leave the house alone. Local rescuers using a sliding ladder through the window rescued from dangerous environments 2 people, including one child and another 8 people were evacuated. ThRes strong smoke fire firefighters curbed in respiratory protection devices. For the recovery of fire involved 29 rescuers and 4 units of machinery. The fire was extinguished at 18:17 with 4 units gazodymozaschitny service. The fire destroyed four basement cells in area 40 sqm, 3 damaged cells in the basement area of ??20 sq.m. VNAslidok fire no one was hurt. The cause of fire is under investigation. Video: Vladimir Ursulyak, « typical Stebnyk »