Chernihiv Region: 2 women killed as a result of burning of dry vegetation

During the last day in Chernihiv due to burning of dry vegetation killed two people, destroyed and damaged 23 buildings and structures, burned about 78 ha. Yes, 25 March at 11:48 to the Rescue « 101 » in the area of ??Shchorsiyshlo message escheat fire two buildings in the village. Usivka. At the scene firefighters arrived promptly State Fire and Rescue parts. On the plot rescuers found the body of 87-year-old local resident. How can ’ it turned out, retired burned remains of vegetation, but strong wind gusts flame ’ I startedquickly spread to neighboring buildings. A woman alone tried to extinguish the fire and improvised means inhaled hazardous combustion products fainted and fell into a burning grass. Under such circumstances, p. Chumak Ripky region killed 77-year-old woman who burned the grass on its own plot. After the deaths of peopleconducted an investigation. In connection ’ connection with this, rescuers calling citizens to comply with fire regulations and environmental safety. Be careful and cautious, because fire does not forgive mistakes. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region