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In Ternopil honor the Heroes of Heaven Hundreds

in Ternopil on 17 February will hold a series of events to celebrate the Day of Heroes Hundreds of Heaven. The order signed by Mayor Sergei Nadal for the purpose of honoring the heroism of the Revolution of dignity and perpetuate city ’ memory Heroes by which changed the course of history of the state, defending the idealsdemocracy, defending human rights and freedoms, the European future of Ukraine. As part of the commemoration of Heroes Days in schools of the city will be a series of thematic discussions on mass public protest actions in Ukraine and in libraries organize exhibitions literature, roundtables as a sign of honor courage, fortitude and resilience citizensgave their lives during the Revolution dignity. And 17 February in the Library-Museum « Literary Ternopil » will fotoilyustratyvna-story exhibition « from the square to the front & raquo ;. From 16 February to 5 March in CP « Palace Cinema » held a demonstration documentary « chota Lady Volunteers & raquo ;, and 20 February at 17 h. there – Movie « Square » Sergei Loznitsa. On 17-26 February at the Ukrainian House « victory » hold exhibition of students Ternopil centers for young technicians « Red Poppy & raquo ;, and 20 February at 15 h. This room will hold a concert-requiem. Completed days commemorating February 22 at 13 hours. Categoriesand the Theater Square, where he will hold a prayer and laying flowers on the lamp to stellas Heroes hundreds of Heaven. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council