In Khmelnytsky in Kiev the first edition trainers, psychologists who specialize in the treatment of post-traumatic stress response

On February 15, Kyiv hosts the first edition trainers, psychologists, that will specialize in the treatment of post-traumatic stress response. For six days, doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, socialni staff and volunteers from all over Ukraine were lectures seminar training for prevention and treatment postravmatychnoho stress disorder. At the end of MP, Chairman of the Committee on Health, Advisor to the President Olga Bogomolets and doctor of psychology, founder of neuro-linguistic programming,coding psyche (NLP) Frank P'yuselik awarded certificates "Coach PTSD prevention and treatment" 27 participants, which showed the highest skills and knowledge. The course of the seminar were more than two hundred people. Initiator exercises Advisor to the President, MP Olga Bogomolets told that the main goal of the training - train specialistss methods and forms of prevention and treatment of post-traumatic stress response. "In addition to physical injuries in the war soldiers are also psychological trauma. Up to 90% mobilized Ukrainian non-professional soldiers at risk of combat trauma. So help soldiers and their families and will be called psychologists and psychotherapistsand that we teach in the capital. This is the beginning of a unified system of qualified trainers and psychologists who will return to their area where work - to train social workers and people who are in direct contact with wounded soldiers and families of fallen heroes, "- said Olga Bogomolets. The seminar participants receiveshad, in particular, the knowledge of survival during the fighting and their use in the rehabilitation of combat trauma (BPT) and post-traumatic stress response (PTSD) and learned how to carry out counseling in compliance with the rules of survival during the fighting. From the workshop participants worked dosvidche teamThey lecturers led by Frank P'yuselikom, doctor of psychology, one of the three co-founders of neurolinguistic programming, coding psyche. NLP (from Eng. Neuro-linguisticprogramming) - direction in psychotherapy and practical psychology that studies the laws of the subjective experience of people through disclosure mechanisms and methods for modelingbehavior and transmission models revealed to others. By the way, Frank P'yuselik himself a veteran of the Vietnam War, so that a combat trauma, knows firsthand. "For a soldier who returns from war to know that next to his house is a place where he can appeal if necessary, where it will help to integrate and returnto normal life in society "- the speaker of the seminar. The event was supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which was represented at the seminar Irina Pinchuk, director of the Ukrainian Research Institute for Social and Forensic Psychiatry Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The information was