In Ternopil after an argument with his mother, intoxicated men tried to take her own life with

firearm wound in his left forearm was hospitalized 26-year-old Lanovechchyny. Law enforcement officers found that the moon caused serious injury himself. Of the injured policemen talk until succeeded, it is dealing with doctors. PRo events leading shot that was almost fatal, police department employees Lanivtsi know the words of the mother. The woman said that her son came home drunk, because of the quarrel ensued between them. At first she tried to calm rowdy young, but this guy flashed even more. Then, realizing that ceasedyryty temper drunken lad fail, went into the yard and called the police. Again, the house mother ran when she heard a shot. The son lying on the ground in blood, and was near the gun. Shocked woman immediately called the ambulance. Also arrived on the scene, local police, where it caused a few minutes earlier. - Shotgun with Ivein victim made a shot, registered at him - the head of the police department Lanivtsi Basil Buryk - as evidence of the mother confirmed neighbors. Information on this fact made in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region