Yuri Jane Smith presented a new collection of essays by

Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych presented in Kiev, a new collection of essays « buried here Fantomas & raquo ;. The presentation took place on Tuesday, February 10, in Kiev. It is reported. The book includes so-called « TSN-ing » &Ndash; texts published on channel TSN during Lastnih few years. The writer concluded assembly last year, and now travels round of Ukrainian cities. The idea to give « buried here Fantomas » emerged last spring. &Laquo; Waiting for a flight at the airport, read old texts and thought it would be good to gather them under one cover & raquo ;, – Jane Smith says Yuri.Of the 200 texts appear in the collection 73. Each text the date of writing. Yuri Jane Smith says that this detail proved to him important because some essays proved prophetic. &Laquo; I was also interesting, why in December 2010, I slept according to the image of Russian tanks & raquo ;, – he says. Name of the collection follows the same nameFirst of essays. Fantomas, which implies Andruhovych – French film character, which increased generation writer. &Laquo; On the one hand, this offender with unlimited possibilities on the other – he is very funny. It seemed that this is the image that needs Ukrainian – someone who wants to beat us with fear, but can not because ofand laugh at him. But somewhere along this Fantomas, so for a long time will make us very happy & raquo ;, – explains the author. February 11 Yuri Andrukhovych present « buried here Fantomas » Dnipropetrovsk, February 12 in Krivoy Rog and 13 February in Kiev.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/