Ivano-Frankivsk visiting beggar was picking

Tysmenytsya police detained Zhytomyr resident suspected of committing two thefts from homes of local residents. Interviewing victims and their neighbors, the police learned that day in the village streets committing crimes went unfamiliar car. It wasa woman who asked for alms in the village. According to information received operatives identified the, and soon also detained suspects - 34-year-old resident of Zhytomyr region. During a conversation with an investigator suspected, given the evidence presented to it, was forced to confess to involvement in two criminal offenses. It turned out that she tTemporary housing rents in the regional center, never works and lives with, obtain for the villages. When the owner of the house was not at home, zloumyshlennitsy quietly came into the house and left unlocked commit theft. Typically, stole gold jewelry, money and other valuables oversized. Now police check that person's involvementto commit other similar offenses in the area and Carpathian general. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

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