In the Transcarpathian region Irshava in the book of memoirs police veteran Stephen Ovsaka

in Irshava district police department presented a book about Michael Lomahy World War II veteran, retired police colonel Stephen Ovsaka. The presentation began veteran head of the district police Irshavsk Basil Nikita. He Rephowled author Michael Lomahu. The book "Inspector CID" was published "Carpathian tower". Above her car worked for almost a year. The hero of the book Stephen Ovsaka life was rough. Because of the difficult financial situation in the family guy 12 years had to work on linen factory and mill. In his 16 peers environment pAli to work in Germany. In autumn 1944 he voluntarily joined the Red Army, participated in the fighting. Since 1948, Stephen Ovsak works in Irshava police station. In 1966 he entered the service as a criminal investigation. Fought with offenders, often risking their lives. In tracing worked until retirement. All this andother interesting episodes from the life of a veteran is written in the book. Then he took the word book hero Stephen Ovsak. In its 89 years of honorable Stepan remembers resonant crimes he revealed. He knew how to organize work that always had information from the public. This would guarantee that the crime will be solved. At the end of the presentationHead Irshavsk district police Lt. Myron S. Ovsaka Chernychko awarded Diploma for active contribution to the education of the younger generation. Vita Horzov Irshavsky District Police