Vinnicchina attended the one-day visit by EUBAM on combating trafficking in human beings (+ photos)

March 26 to assess the performance criteria of the second phase of the Action Plan on visa liberalization for our country by block "Public order and security" Vinnitsa region visited representatives of the European Union mission on fightingtrafficking. In RSA met representatives of Regional and structural units of EUBAM. Welcoming European diplomats, Deputy Chairman - Director of Education RSA Igor Ivasjuk noted that in Vinnytsia region responsible for conducting the procedure of installation withFathers persons affected by human trafficking identified the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Regional State Administration. "The problem of combating trafficking in human beings, due to the huge number of internally displaced persons, and that 700 citizens of Crimea and in Sevastopol. And almost 11 thousand immigrants from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions that Laneebuvayut in Vinnitsa region poses a serious challenge to the organization of the implementation of this issue. A large part of them - young people, because we moved to Donetsk National University. Therefore, it is an additional burden for services that deal with that problem "- said Igor Ivasjuk. However, many Vinnichchine RUNTIMEJuvanje in this area was and how was disturbed social peace in the country. Thus, according to Igor Ivasjuk was adopted regional target comprehensive program of social support of family, demographic development, prevention of human trafficking and ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men. In which developed a number of measures to giveNumber of opportunity and monitor issues and assist victims. "Results from 2012 to present 5 persons Vinnytsia region's status of a person who trafficked. Among these people - 1 child. All victims given full assistance. In addition, Vinnichchine operates a telephone "hotline" that I can obtainyou consult specialists. During the past year by using consultative has appealed 1328 people, including 965 women and 363 men. Most complaints were about employment abroad (233) and travel abroad (169) "- said Igor Ivasjuk. In turn, EUBAM Denise Charlton noted that working in Ukrainefew days saw to minimize the shameful phenomenon has made quite large and high-quality work, but not to perform in front of a smaller volume of important events. "The fight against trafficking in human beings I have been doing for almost 25 years in Ireland and the EU. I note that many of the problems that are now in Ukraine inherent not only yoursecond state they are in Europe. Considering the issue of trafficking in Ukraine, we have seen progress, you managed to do for a short period of time. So I want to know more about the activities in your area, see you at work issues "- said Denise Charlton. Deputy Head of DepartmentFamily, Youth and Sports Regional State Administration Natalia Zabolotnaya drew attention to the fact that the region, in contrast to the central level, the coordinator on combating trafficking is the Department of Family, Youth and Sports RSA. "This is our and feature and advantage, it allows more comprehensive approach to solving this problem. Also fromdifference of our regional program of the State and, in our opinion, the advantage is its comprehensive approach to address issues as regional program includes four areas of work: support for the family; demographic development; prevention of human trafficking and ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men "- said Natalia Zabolotnaya. AboutThis was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration