Volyn Svoboda delivered financial assistance 14th Brigade and Battalion " Carpathian Sich "

24-25 March 2015 Volyn Committee delivered humanitarian support to troops on the front line in the area occupied Gorlovki and settlement required Sands Ukrainian military cargo. Near occupied Gorlovki met with residents of crop loaddymyra-Volyn, soldiers of the 14th Brigade svobodivets Romaschuk Max and Igor Vybornov fighter. It was the 14th Brigade was transferred to Volyn rover car " Volynianka " called " Banderivka " luchanyna of Orestes Kovalchuk. Also, the brigade was transferred 10 tons of food, hygiene products, socks, underwear.Heavy-duty 30-kilowatt autonomous power, which of the brothers purchased the former head Ivanychi RSA, svobodivets Andrew Badzyun was transferred volunteer battalion commander " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, Svoboda Oleg Kutsyna. &Quot; These things are essential to the forefront of the front. Volyn roots of this vehicle should alwaysHelp our soldiers put in place Putin's invasion. Also, our guys will be provided for a time as food and electricity supply in critical situations, because it is probably the most important on the front. Volyn community does everything to Ukrainian soldier was not hungry and could rebuff armed ca.upantam & quot ;, - the head of the Volyn Committee providing humanitarian troops Sergey Koba. In another trip to the Donbass goods accompanied and supervised delivery svobodivets of Vladimir-Volyn Alexander pony. To collect products actively participating Ivanychi, Vladimir-Volyn, Lutsk and Lubomilskiy areas and monthsthen Vladimir-Volyn. Entrepreneurs with Lyuboml Oleg and Constantine gave the car to transport cargo. There have been helped by Forestry and Wildlife Service, headed by Basil of Mazuryk and entrepreneur Vladimir-Volyn Roman Vavryshchuk. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "