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Lutsk determine the best reader

in Volyn Regional Library for Children held regional round of the All-Ukrainian competition "Best Reader - 2015". Competed for the best 30-readers Grades 6-8 students from across the region who have won in their cities and regions. To win, you had best show erudition,confirm their erudition and creative reader diary talk about favorite book. Best of the best regional elected Honorary jury, which once again led the Ukrainian writer Ivan Chernetskyy and Claudia Koretskaya. It's nice that won the regional competition won korystuvachka City Central Library for children, pupilsenytsya 7-B class UC 9 Julia Lukanina. The competition presented the book Julia Ukrainian writer Andrew Kokotyukha "Mystery snake head", where the main characters of the book - the children go to the dark labyrinth of underground caverns old prince's castle, where he once walked Ustym Karmelyuk people's avenger. Julia also introduced electronic text and Dailyik reader. Speech that was compelling, interesting, childishly sincere konkursanttsi could be interested in the work of their opponents Andrew Kokotyukha subordinate members of the jury wit, talent and creative thinking reader. The main motto of reading to Julia is that the book should not be read, and read and re-read the book not read the eyes and mind. JuliaLukanina for over 7 years is korystuvachkoyu city central library for children. She party library puppet "Sunflower", winner of readers dedicated to Ukrainian Lesia, participating in theatrical presentations of books and Volyn Ukrainian writers, organized in libraries. In his spare time forymayetsya embroidery pictures of beads. Congratulations to Julia Lukanina of victory and wish interesting and pleasant moments in meetings with books. Department of Culture City Council This was reported in Lutsk City Council