In Transcarpathia folk musicians posorevnuyutsya in a new TV show

Transcarpathia start a music television project "Zahudeme v'yedno in Rokash orchestra", prepared by musician Victor Yantso team. The project will come out on one of the channels and is intended to show as many folk musicians Transcarpathia. This Yantso Victor said at the presentation, – correspondent informs. The idea arose after his participation in the jury on such a show – &Laquo; musician Shows » TV ZIK. &Laquo; In the Transcarpathian group project won « band » I decided, why not create a Transcarpathia, – says the musician. &Ndash; Our project is called « Zahudeme in ’ yedno in Rokash orchestraAnd selected Transcarpathian musicians play on TV competition in the orchestra & raquo ;. Meryavchyk Alexander, host of the show, said that already held n ’ Five qualifying rounds, participants listened to about 50, and a repertoire of different topics. Project completed in another industry. To record each program came celebrities. Onfront – competition taking place in the air. B ’ Vyacheslav Egorov, director of the project said that for the project zholosylychya Transcarpathians aged 6 to 75 years. &Laquo; This media product is like a mass audience, – added the director. &Ndash; Each participant creates the atmosphere of performance & raquo ;. Irina Yantso told howlooking for project participants: « end of the year we were meeting at the Regional Directorate of Culture and asked to report on project areas. Some areas have not provided the participants said that they did not deserve to speak somewhere more rural. But many volunteered. They came to us in Mukachevo, specially designed pavilion for filming & raquo ;. Over the Arctic OceanVictor Yantso you, the casting to the participants watched: How will behave performer in the team, because in the final music will play in the orchestra, which must be able to accompany, not a solo show. Is performers can sing rhythmically, as will perform the appropriate music. Also took into account the purity of singing and artistry. Mr. Shaw will come outTV and Saturdays, 9 musicians will perform. End will select 15 participants for Rokash Orchestra. A complete project big concert in Mukachevo Castle in May. Told