Derzhenerhonahlyad in Vinnitsa region carries out activities of state power supervision only initiative of entities

This is the head of the inspection Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnytsia oblast Victor Pirnyak. In particular, he said: "The State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision of modes of electric and thermal Enerhiyi in Vinnitsa region is today the only state organization in the country, performing supervisory functions to control the technical condition of the organization and operation of power equipment subject Relations in district heating (DH organizations, consumers) and modes of supply of heat and energy. " In theidpovidno the Law of Ukraine "On amendments and ceasing invalid Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine" dated 28.12.2014, 76-VIII inspection companies, institutions and organizations, individuals - entrepreneurs regulatory authorities, including inspection Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnitsa region (except for the State Fiscal Service UkRaina and State Financial Inspection of Ukraine), carried out during January - June 2015 only with the permission of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or the application entity for its review. Considering the above mentioned, Inspection Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnytsia Oblast measures are taken state power supervision only initiativeyvy most entities, such as when you receive written requests from companies and organizations. In the course of measures to control the technical condition of thermal power equipment inspection entities Derzhenerhonahlyadu constantly detects up to 60% violations of existing engineering regulations, which are organizationalnature and 40% technical, most of which affect the economic and safe operation of heating systems, heating systems and heat sources (boiler). First of all, this is a consequence of the low professional level of service personnel, especially officers responsible for normal, safe and economic operation of power equipment. For sustainable and economical operation of thermal management, business relations in the field of heating, inspection Derzhenerhonahlyadu offers a free inspection of heating systems and heat to determine technical state, or mode of supply of heat energy of eqspluatatsiyi heating plants and networks, collecting and returning condensate state accounting of production and consumption of thermal energy. As a result of the event entity submits a certificate with the conclusion and suggestions for appropriate response. Sorry. some entities do not want to see supervisors (supervisory) Bodies in their respective enterprises, institutions, organizations, despite the fact that the elimination of certain violations require significant investment, and savings from their introduction may at times exceed the costs. Inspection Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnytsia region within its competence and consideration of appeals holds heat consumersof unsatisfactory provision of district heating. Place Admission customers: in. Vinnitsa Street. Chervonoarmiyska system. 51, Cabinet Chief Inspectorate Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnitsa region. The reception daily, from 900 to 1400, tel. 63-41-58. Cabinet Deputy Chief Inspectorate Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnitsa region. Dbench Hours: Monday - Thursday, from 1400 to 1700, tel. 63-43-08. in. Gaisin Street. Sovetskaya, d. 28 Head office Haysyn department inspection Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnitsa region. The reception daily, from 0900 to 1400, tel. (234) 2-21-46. in. Mogilev-Podolsky Street. Stavyska, d. 56/51, cabinet chief of Moh.-PodolskyInspection division Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Vinnitsa region. The reception daily, from 0900 to 1400, tel. (237) 6-60-54. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration