Sergey Nadal welcomed the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine subsection

anniversary of the March 26, Ukraine marked the first anniversary of the establishment of the National Guard of Ukraine. In Ternopil celebrations and rewarding the best viyskosluzhbovtsiv unit prior holidays. &Laquo; Since the establishment of a reserve battalion repeatedly vyyizhdzhav in the area of ??anti-terrorist operation, during which period no casualties – All returned to their families healthy. Currently preparing for next exit to the East - says the National Guard battalion commander of the military unit 3002, Lt. Col. Victor Shershun. &Ndash; The year was difficult, problematic issues were of aabezpechennyam personnel, but thanks to the leadership of the city, region and community organizations, we were provided with everything you need. Thus, the mayor gave us the car, jeep, as another car passed by the Greek Catholic Church and such assistance has greatly improved our combat capability and mobility movement & raquo ;. Mayor Augustgies Nadal took part in the ceremony, congratulated the military on the anniversary of the restoration of the National Guard and wished everyone wins. &Laquo; Back in the early Independence National Guard was the first formation, which had to defend the homeland. Guard these years was a model of good selection of quality training, morale and appropriate waspsnaschennya, and in 2000 the structure eliminated. After the Revolution of dignity and the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian War volunteer and National Guard battalions first took the fight for Ukraine, - says Mayor Sergei Nadal. &Ndash; each with its own front. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers with weapons, and hundreds of thousands of people who continueyut provide armed forces Natshvardiyu, volunteer battalions in the rear. nation feels unity. This is a big deal. I believe that is why we win & raquo ;. The mayor also wished all win and build that country, which our children dream for which generations of heroes battling. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council