Ternopil region, held meetings with staff training and the replacement controllers

From 17 to 20 March 2015 the Office of experts held meetings with staff training and the replacement controllers Kremenets, Ternopil and Chertkov. During the event, special attention was paid to the information interaction with those of other servicesyvilnoho protection order submission and execution timing of the submission to the available reports, theoretically worked out action when receiving reports of events with evidence of a terrorist nature, accidents, identifying GDP contamination dangerous chemicals (NHR), pouring acid accident at about ’ yektah enterprises and organizations, Institutions and homes. Separate attention was paid to the provision of Rose ’ yasnen consultation and public issues of civil protection and internally displaced persons when accessing their on line 101. Psychological Service Management studied mechanical and logical memory, thinking analyticity, measured levels of neuroticism and willed himselforehulyatsiyi. Terms and psychological characteristics of professional managers determined high responsibility for the execution of tasks, prolonged stay in a state of emotional stress, physical inactivity, originality of the information has a significant impact on performance. Every manager must be able to have psychological samorehulyatsiyeyu in order to properly understand the situation and the actions required of him in case of an emergency.