Anatoly covenants: " People's Front " looking for a mythical justification Government inaction Yatsenyuk

Party " People's Front & quot ;, whose leader Yatsenyuk's government over a year, and who has the real power in the country, looking for the mythical excuse for their own inaction, lack of reform and the fight against corruption and seeks any ed to avoid priceovidalnosti for the situation in the country. This March 25, 2015, said the head of the Volyn " Freedom " Anatoly covenants. Svobodivets said that recent statements " People's Front " is destructive attempt to avoid responsibility for the situation in the country: &Quot; Party Applications " People's Front " and its leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk Testifyfarm machines that against the backdrop of disastrous premiere is a cynical attempt to shift responsibility for the situation in the country. Fair criticism for sounding in the head of the Cabinet and Arseniy Yatsenyuk of government, served as the machinations of Moscow. Calls to investigate corruption in the government in the amount of 7.5 billion equivalent to an attack on Cabinetand subversion. There manipulation and substitution of concepts. It seems that " People's Front " living in a parallel reality & quot ;. Anatoly covenants noted that Yatsenyuk, despite unconfirmed statements, did not dare to impose economic sanctions against Russia. &Quot; More January 25 a meeting of the National Security Council, which considered pitaing the introduction of sanctions against Russia. But still - more than 60 days - the authorities have not responded to the introduction of sanctions against Russia. So, maybe the opposite Moscow genuinely interested in this kind of prime minister who stubbornly and consistently sabotaging sanctions against the aggressor? Verbal anti-Russian populism Arseniy Yatsenyuk completely at odds with his performanceness. I think that most Americans will land on Mars than leader " People's Front " impose sanctions against Russia, and the losses of Ukrainian property, measured in billions of dollars. &Quot; Freedom " requires the immediate adoption of the bill 1206 from 02.12.2014 " About specular property sanctions on Russia, which inInstalls which becomes the property of Ukraine shall be movable and immovable property, funds, bank deposits, securities and other assets and corporate law, residing in Ukraine or serviced Ukraine, and directly or through affiliates belonging to the Russian Federation & quot ;. Svobodivets statedthat the situation is similar to 2005, when the Orange Revolution collapsed because of the reluctance to reform government and the triumph of oligarchic-corrupt system: &Quot; right Yatsenyuk said that we repeated disastrous scenario 2005. Just simply forgot to specify that one of the authors of this scenario it personally. He himselfis a leader " People's Front " is a significant part of the responsibility for the lack of reforms. According to its " dear friends " Mykola Martynenko and Andrew Gray. Because corruption is rampant, and the people impoverished. Rather than conduct real reforms Yatsenyuk with his ministers cover oligarchic interests and fill their kishenie by simple Ukrainian people. oligarchs is a second front against Ukraine. Putin is fighting against us from the outside, the oligarchs - inside. The conflict of the " Ukrtransnafta " and " Ukrnefti " - A coven of oligarchic and effect a complete disregard for the current regime antyoliharhichnoyi principal positions PA " Freedom & quot ;.This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "