Rivne School opens doors to all comers

Open Day in Rivne Higher Vocational School of Public Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - an event that not only helps inform future entrants with the entry, but also invites everyone to demonstrate the knowledge and skills.The program of the day began at 10 am. Employees school met all those wishing to come to visit them at the exit level. The school is near level, p. Town. Therefore zarannya organized bus helped all comers without problems to come to school. At the entrance of future students and their parents who gatheredbe a lot, met with the leadership school. Guests are shown videos of school, told the history of the school and its main achievements, the physical infrastructure of school, about admission to school, learning about it and accommodation in dormitories, leisure pupils and students of the school. Were indata detailed answers to all questions that arose in the audience. Before the guests the Deputy Head of School teaching work lieutenant colonel of militia Nikolay Savchuk. He said: "Nowadays, everyone should be professionals. If you want to be a policeman, we will give you the knowledge you need to have. But above all you novynen inside say to yourself what you want to be a professional in a police case and is ready to be committed to their homeland. " More traditional tour. The visitors saw firsthand the conditions in which they live and learn, eat and spend their leisure time students and students of the institution. Staff and students of the school have demonstratedand display of weapons and special means used by police departments in Ukraine, made a show of detention exit along the signal "Alarm" of the protected object. Everyone was able to hit a target with a paintball and airsoft weapons. The fact that not every day you see, made a big impression. "A little scary, but convincing!"- Said one of the guests. With a good mood guests said goodbye to college and promised to return. And who was in the Rivne Higher School in March, is an opportunity to visit 4 April. Doors institution again hospitably opened its doors to all comers. UDSO at MIA Ukraine Rivne region