In Lutsk deputies at the session voiced requests and questions of voters

Members of the City Council meeting in plenary session 72 th session. Started, Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said the deputy Andrei Osipov joined the parliamentary group "New Luck" and it was headed. Then the MPs approved the agenda and traditionally voiced requestsand questions of voters. Yes, Love Serb deputy proposed to apply to the President of Ukraine Poroshenko on the issue of restoration of historical justice and return the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously) Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. Askold baking reported concern residents of the house on the prospect. Collegiality, 10, who goes by theayetsya building a fitness center with violations of building codes. Also check whether requested traffic lights on city roads, particularly on the street. Gordiyuk 47. Nicholas Dendiberin asked to reconstruct the pitch at the zoo. What Nicholas Romaniuk said that we are working on a detailed plan of the area, then the question ofozhna be resolved. MP Anna Kravchuk requested 300 thousand. UAH to complete repairs and 120 thousand UAH to replace electrical wiring in surgical departments and other healthcare facility "Lutsk center of primary health care number 2" and co-financing medical programs. MP Roman Romaniuk suggested repairing pedestrian dorizhing, lay the pavement. It is, if necessary, easier partially restored. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that the sidewalks avenues of Unification, Will, Youth Revival this year will be paved roadway. MP Peter Savchuk raised the issue of complete repair of the road near the hospital disabled veterans and labor and street Doroshenko. Eugen Tkachuk said that he appealed to the residents of the building 1 street. Bendeliani you to do landscaping adjacent territory and dismantle the stand in this court. He also requested return layouts machines in schools. Nicholas Romaniuk said that on this issue are the Department of Education of the City Council and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the first of September Squareanuyetsya lessons of military training. Natalia Bund requested to provide funds for the project for construction of sewerage and drainage all the streets of the neighborhood of September, as was done in Maloomelyanivskomu array. Nicholas Yaruchyk offered to repair the street. Stanislavsky in areas of subsidence. He also asksto assist the individual in the summer heat set point in high school 14. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that yesterday visited the street Stanislavsky and gave appropriate instructions to start the repair work. MP Irina Konstankevych asked for assistance to buy children's clinic modern ultrasonic diagnostic equipment. In turn, Igor Polishchuk raised the issue of building a basketball court on the street. Glushets. MPs Andrew Kozyura Paul Danylchuk, Gregory Poustovit Roman Bondaruk Elena Goleva, at the request of his constituents, also raised a number of important issues concerning the community. This was reported in Lutsk City Council