Chernigov: City Council do not undermine the investigation of the developer on the transfer of funds to purchase apartments " Chernobyl "

officials of the City Council was not prevented from conducting preliminary investigation on the transfer of budget-enterprise developer to purchase apartments for victims of the Chernobyl accident.According to the general department of the City Council, in 2013 there were 5 requests from the prosecution of this case the city and region in 2014 from the prosecution Chernihiv received two requests as much - from prosecution Chernihiv region. "Answers to inquiries and information provided on time," - noted in the department. In addition, the investigating authorities, theobyly number of requests to the management of capital construction, financial management, accounting and housing privatization of housing, department of accounting and reporting. Information is also provided in the terms provided by law. Of the total department last year law enforcement bereaved three documents in the case, etc.o "Domobudivnyk". Overall extracted and copied more than 500 pages. Overall, in 2014 the City Council of the City Prosecutor's Office and prosecutors Chernihiv Chernihiv region received nearly 300 documents, most of them are required to provide documents or information. Note: In 2012, the company "Domobudivnyk" municipality donated 47 mln. USD. for the purchase of apartments liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, but no company has built apartments, and money is not returned, and now is under bankruptcy. The contract for the purchase of apartments concluded under the State program "Housing citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster." Under this Agreementohm, purchased the property rights to real estate (at construction of residential apartment buildings on the street. Andrusenko between the streets Krasnosel'skii and Independence - the second phase of construction, residential building 2). According to the flight schedules of construction works, PJSC "BC" Domobudivnyk "involved expiryconstruction and installation work in November 2012. The letter stated the company an opportunity to build and put into operation housing to 31 December 2012. Subsequently, the company went bankrupt, the house is not completed and homeless citizens. Irina Synelnyk