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Great town March: short circuit caused a fire in the vehicle

on March 24 in the village of Great March on the street. Athletic car caught fire « Opel Vectra » 1992 release. The fire originated in front of the vehicle owner, who parked the car near the garage. Then at 12:44 the man reported the event to the operationalRescue Service. To fight the fire fighters arrived promptly 2nd State Fire and Rescue parts. Already at 12:49 firefighters localized fire, and a minute later – it completely eliminated. Likely cause of the fire was electrical short circuit in the dashboard of the car. Damages estimated at 10 thousandUAH since a fire destroyed the dashboard, windshield, interior trim in the front of the car. In addition, damaged the front seat of the vehicle. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region