Khmelnytsky region, per day firefighters eliminated 3 fires in private auxiliary buildings housing sector

24 March at 7:34 on the item called ’ communications 17th state of the Fire and Rescue m. Polonnoe received information about a fire in the summer kitchen on the street. School 13 in the village. Brazhyntsi. To the scene firefighters arrived promptly Fire rescuesMCUs unit that localize the fire at 8:02, at 8:06 eliminated. Through efficient and professional actions of firefighters prevented the spread of fire to the premises summer kitchen and attached barn. The fire destroyed covering an area of ??30 square meters. m .. The likely cause of the fire – violation of fire safety in expluatatsiyi stove heating. On the same day, at 15:50 Horodochchyny rescuers reported a fire in a private household buildings in the village. Sand. At the address another guard came 10th state of the Fire and Rescue town. The town, which lokalizuvav fire at 16:21, eliminated at 16:26. The fire destroyed the overlap area of ??40 square meters. m. Estimated atmagnitude of fire – careless handling of fire unknown person. Already at 22:09 Vinkovechchyny firefighters went to extinguish the fire that occurred in the attic of the barn in the village. Netechyntsi. To the Rescue « 101 » locals call reporting the fire in economic construction on the street. Shady, 3. Before the arrival of another departmenting the 27th State Fire and Rescue post town. Vinkivtsi, fire began to liquidate local residents who noticed the fire. Together fires that spread area of ??30 square meters. m was localized at 22:36, eliminated at 22:50. Firefighters prevented the spread of fire is located next to a house and saved from destructionflame ’ pits parked near the barn tractor. The fire destroyed the slate covering, household items and 3 tons of forage. The cause is under investigation. ACCIDENTS fires were not. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast