The company "SKF Ukraine" bring in the proper state protective cover

While the company "SKF Ukraine" RSA chairman Vladimir Hunchyk, Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk and his deputy Taras Yakovlev examined the protective cover that is in this business. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that the issue is now urgent,because the country is war. He believes that all available defenses must be in good condition and ready at any moment to take citizens. General Director of "SKF Ukraine" Vladimir Cybulski said that the protective cover, which is the company at the same time can accommodate 2500 people. According to him, under the leadershipenterprise's "SKF" has allocated 1.2 million to bring it into proper condition. Currently, work is continuing to replace old pipes, heating systems, diesel power is restored and so on. He said that earlier this object is not given the necessary attention, because the country was peace and quiet, and no one expected possible aggression. Today attitudeI do this all over the country to view. Vladimir Cybulski said that in case of danger here can accommodate all employees, residents of the district, police. This protective shelter built back in 1981 with one of the buildings Lutsk bearing plant. The total area of ??2.5 thousand square meters. This ob'yekt has all the necessary equipment to safely citizens can ride out the extraordinary event. Here is an autonomous system power supply, air ventilation, restrooms, drinking and industrial water and so on. This was reported in Lutsk City Council