The prosecutors Lutsk held a coordination meeting of heads of law enforcement Volyn Regional Center

The prosecutors Lutsk chaired by Attorney regional center Andrew Kucera leaders held a coordination meeting of law enforcement. The meeting, in addition to law enforcement officers participated Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk. Opening the meeting, prosecutor Andrew Lutsk Coachman said that the measures taken by law enforcement agencies of the city in 2014 measures helped stabilize the crime situation. In the regional center has been achieved reducing crime. Last year, the number decreased counted Lutsk MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region of criminal offenses. Maibut half done in Lutsk in 2014 crimes against life and health ’ I, hooliganism and robbery. Decreased the number of crimes committed in the ch ’ yaninnya and persons who previously committed crimes. Less than half counted and criminal offenses committed by juveniles. However, the prosecutor said in LutskMeasures taken in combating crime – not always sufficient. Higher than the average for the region in Lutsk is committed to share the city property crimes. There is a shortage of Lutsk job MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the field related to ensuring the consideration and resolution of claims and reporting crime and making information about them in thereRights Registry pre-trial investigations. Office of the Procurator for 2014 was found shelter 28 facts on record of the crimes for which further information before making YERDR and initiated criminal proceedings. In two of these proceedings to persons subsequently announced suspicion of committing criminal offenses and indictments for reviewessentially directed to the court. Wine persons convicted by the court as provided by law. Held for 2015 inspection revealed 4 cases shelter from the record of the crimes for which prosecution further information was entering the city to YERDR and initiated criminal proceedings. According to the results revealed rail boss MIA Engayiny sent in a request for verification of performance and bringing the perpetrators disciplined. Needs to improve the quality and effectiveness of the pre-trial investigation investigators JI Lutsk MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region undisclosed grave and especially grave crimes against property, economic crimes, Service and business. Deserves criticism and state crime detection in drug trafficking and work of district police officers and employees of the correctional inspection. Worried prosecutors and negative growth trend of recidivism among juveniles, and a large number of committeds in accidents that caused moderate and serious injuries (in 2014 – 76), or the victim's death (6). Concluding the meeting, the prosecutor Lutsk Andrey Coachman said that the fight against crime, prevention of criminal offenses requires a comprehensive solution all pravoohoronnymy by city. As a result of the meeting of heads of law enforcement agencies have developed a number of measures to improve the regional center of Volyn effectiveness of preventing and combating crime. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office

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