Each district Vinnichiny earn counseling for Civil Protection (+ photos)

12 February, a civil protection consulting center that is located at a housing offices of number 12. Winery was instructive and methodological lessons on "Organization Work Counselling Centre for Civil Protectionin housing maintenance organizations and village (town) council. " In the study participated heads of departments of Civil Protection, Housing and Utilities of district administrations and city councils of regional centers, heads of departments of the Main Department DSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region in paradiseonah and cities. Educational issues were considered under the direction of the Department of Civil Protection RSA Sergei Vovchenko. Explanation of the most pressing issues of providing regional head of methodical cabinet BC population Educational and Methodological Center of Civil Protection and BC Vinnytsia region Vovchenko Natalia, Head ofthe work on civil protection, defense and interaction with law enforcement Vinnitsa City Council Oleg Parfilov and head of civil protection, training and public information interaction Department of Civil Protection State Administration Vitaliy Slobodyan. Addressing the audience Sergei Vovchenkosaid: "The main signal in case of an emergency to the public - a signal" Attention all. " On the right treatment for a given signal shall examine every resident. One of the most important tasks of heads of departments of Civil Protection, Housing and Utilities of district administrations and citys councils of regional centers - provide comprehensive information and conduct outreach for each item the main action. " He also gave instructions within 10 days to create a similar structure in all districts. According to him, in order to facilitate and assist in explaining actions of people around the signal "Attention all" department heads on todzvychaynyh situations receive appropriate sights for placement in crowded places. Participants listened to the most important question of the establishment of counseling centers. So, Natalia Vovchenko informed about the legal basis for the establishment of counseling centers on civil protection. According to her, consultatsiynyy point - a so-called cell information, advice and advocacy among the people of the territory. As noted by Natalia Vovchenko: "Each consulting center should be subject stands that inform the public about emergency treatment, the training literatureand & Magazines regarding this topic, samples educational property (mask, child safety cameras that can be used), methodical training center, attractions, recommendations cry. Always in stock should map to determine the hazards specific to a particular area. The information provided in the consultation point mais to be focused and meet the local conditions in which citizens live. " In addition, the study participants were informed about the organization of practical work Counselling Centre for Civil Protection in housing offices of the city and the issue of shelter population in the defenses of civil protection. Priestutnim also stressed the importance of creating an information kotochku, which must be placed the most important information for residents of that particular area. But it also demonstrated by the example of an information booth in the room housing offices of number 12. Vinnitsa. Reported byin Vinnitsa RSA

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