In the Lviv region secondary school 96 teach students the basics of civil protection

rescuers continue to teach children the rules of safe behavior in case of dangerous events as part of the Lviv region weeks of life safety. March 24 at secondary school 96 m. Lviv held a demonstration day civil protection Sykhiv district mia hundred. Organizers of the exercise is the District Department of Education, Department of Emergency Situations and Civil Protection Lviv City Council, Lviv city courses and Civil Protection Department DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region. During the day took a seminar with the heads of educational area where they had the opportunity to speak as experts on pitaHb civil defense, and just everyone. Guests school took part in open classes. Of the students grade 4 rescuers and volunteers about ’ unity « Self » trained « Safe City & raquo ;. During the lesson the kids learned basics of safe behavior with fire and practiced in responding to hazardousin the situation. Teaching and funny cartoon games for kids helped consolidate the material studied. At the end of the lesson the children were given booklets with tips from Leo-rescue for fire safety. Sports exhibition of children's art and theatrical performance once again underlined conscious attitude to teachers on Safety of personalEka. Education malechku basics of safe behavior in the future will allow us to create a safe society. School sounded warning: « Attention everyone! Fire at school. Evacuation! & Raquo ;. After the alarm all students with teachers left the school building. The alarm was educational, but under favorable weather conditions, extensionCivil Protection Day was held at the school site. A pleasant surprise for all students and guests was the arrival of rescuers. They teach children the basics of fire case and told the secrets of combat actions. Students with pleasure inspected fire-rescue gear and special equipment that is used during dangerous rescue withytuatsiy. At the end of the event at the school deployed primary evacuation point, designed to receive timely evakonaselennya and send it to the place of settlement, in order to improve provision of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations area of ??man-made and natural disasters.