In Transcarpathia 100 accident killed 19 people and injured another 113

at a press conference in UGAI region reported its leadership. March 24, in the management of the State Transcarpathian region held a press conference. With journalists met Acting Head UGAI Region Police Lt. Michael Misarosh and heads of structuralx units of government. As Michael Misarosh, the accident rate in Transcarpathia compared to last year declined. As of March 23, the roads in the region committed 100 (last year - 115) accidents in which 19 people were killed (vs. 26) and 113 (against 133) were injured. From the beginning, committed two accidents with youHN minors, where two children were injured. Overall involving minors occurred 6 accidents in which 10 children were injured. Head of Operations noted that of the 23 to 30 March in Transcarpathia traffic police together with Ukrtransinspektsiyeyu, Department of Housing and Utilities, constructingers and infrastructure RSA monitored output buses on the line. In particular, the police examine how predreysovogo conducted daily vehicle inspection and review of medical health drivers. - Already in the first two days of monitoring in 24 administrative protocols drawn up. Specifically,for technical malfunction of the vehicle passenger over the established norm, the deviation from the specified route, passengers without predreysovogo medical and inspection, as well as the release of the line of technically faulty vehicles, - the Chief of the Automobile and scrutineering at UGAIVladimir Sharkadiy blasts. Information UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region