In the Lviv region Stry occupant fined for selling alcohol from the hands of

district inspectors Stryisky city police department caught a local resident, who sold alcohol out of the hands of the downtown. On the court he brought to administrative liability to a fine. As explained himself pravoporushnyk, he realized the clients 'okovytu' own production - bred alcohol with water. This mixture was poured into glass containers. So make it through a difficult financial situation, though aware that this "business" is illegal and punishable by law. During the month, police have found two cases of sale of 35-year-old localresident alcoholic drinks from the hands of the city center. Whenever constituted on the offender report on administrative offense under Part 3 st.156 (Faulty trade beer, alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco) Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. Recently Stryjskyj City Court roseslooked both administrative proceedings and drew local resident to justice. For every fact of illegal activities at him fined $ 510 USD. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky MB