Western media have no illusions about Putin - Swedish journalist Peter Jonsson

until recently believed that the West is not only higher wages, higher quality, better life, and objective media. However, the events of 2013-2014, when the Western media have paid much attention to Ukraine, have shown that awareness and objectivity in the West districtis so smooth. There was even a slogan in many media in Ukraine: "Do not believe a word of foreign media of Ukraine." Western media have no illusions about Putin - Swedish journalist Peter Jonsson Is foreign media distort or submit inaccurate information about events in Ukraine, serve for Putin? The answer is it is noton the surface. What are the underlying reasons that Western media A necessary sin ’ subjectivity about Ukraine? How do foreign media? Written about Ukraine? How to get information and versyfikuyut? Answers to these questions can be obtained during discussions with renowned Swedish journalist, writer and historian Peter Jonsson, who more than 30 years living in Warsaw and writes on Central and Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine, Poland and Belarus. He came to the city to improve knowledge of the Ukrainian language in schools Ukrainian language and culture for foreigners, which presents Salome Beech. Initiated and moderated discussions with Peter Jonsson, held in Lviv Bookstore « There »Was Salome Beech. Wrote a book to bring the history of Ukraine to Swedish readers When asked what prompted him to write about Ukraine, Peter Jonsson said he understood the Ukrainian language, reading, but does not speak, but working on it. Write about Ukraine began 25 years ago because it was interested in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. For hth wrote a historical book about Ukraine? So he thought and believed that the West – in Sweden and Scandinavia – history of Ukraine and our territories is the so-called « blank & raquo ;. He wrote to his readers in Sweden to explain what Ukraine and its history. When studied history at the University of Lund – one of the best universities Speedetsiyi – then on the history of Russia they had already three volumes written Danish professors. And of Ukraine there only briefly mentioned, when the Soviet Union was formed. That is, of Ukraine as a country no one wrote. Peter Jonsson cites another example of the lack of information about Ukraine – statements of the Swedish premiere of ’ Pierre year ago when PUtina conquered Crimea, – that is, they say, is understandable given the history. Fortunately, once their former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, is denied. Peter Jonsson said that he wrote this book to bring the history of Ukraine to Swedish readers. History – This is always a story about what happens now Tellingand about how history is interested in Ukraine, Peter Jonsson said in the book, written, – considered not just the history of Ukraine and Ukraine in history. &Laquo; This is important because moving freely in the historical space to explain the country. In the introduction, I quote the famous French historian Marc Bloch, who during SRItra War wrote this little book « Praise stories & raquo ;, which revealed the methodology of history. He said that people often mistakenly think about ’ object of history is the past, but this is not true. History – This is always a story about what happens now. Marc Bloch writes to understand what is happening, sometimes have to go to the beginningin. But this entry point is present. So I move, otherwise you can not explain history or in Ukraine or Sweden ... & raquo ;, – said Peter Jonsson. &Laquo; One hypothesis is that from the very beginning Russia has an excellent history of Ukraine. That is not the beginning of Kievan Rus, and, say XIII century. It is in Lviv city ’ Itnyk Daniel King, who sat on the horse. Moscow also has a similar figure of Vladimir Monomakh. They represent two very different branches of history. One well-known historian Harvard Ukrainian origin said that there is more myth in historiography, with which you can make a big car ’ EMU, even academic,than the myth that Russia and Moscow is the direct heir of Kievan Rus. But there are other historians who created another school, which agrees Peter Jonsson. &Laquo; Putin continually refers to this great myth. For example, as a historian Lev Gumilev – son of famous poets Nikolai Gumilev and Anna Akhmatova – wrote that Alexander Nevsky bua hero, and Daniel Galician conducted a policy to conduct this part of Europe to the West. And it was a big mistake. How many times quoted Putin Lev Gumilev this, since 2005! The second example is closer to us in time. Anton Denikin during the Civil War diary in which he wrote that the thesis that Ukraine does not belongto, a crime. Then Denikin emigrated, died and was buried in the city. Detroit in the USA. But in 2005 his remains were transported to Russia with the permission of Putin, who participated in the reburial ceremony and focused on their own blog Denikin, especially where it comes to Ukraine. According to Putin, the Ukraine and Russia can never be any division andit always has to decide Russia & raquo ;. Thus, considering the various aspects of the history, Peter Jonsson tries try to explain what is happening. I have the greatest library in Sweden when it comes to the history of Ukraine When asked which sources – historiography, historical, modern – used to write the history of Ukraine,and publications in the Western press, Peter Jonsson said: « Perhaps there anyone can ask a Swede who do not speak Ukrainian language can ever think about how to write a book about the history of Ukraine. I answer yes. In this book, not only the history of Ukraine – there is a history of Poland and Russia. If you look at the historiography Ukrainand the last 100 years (it is not only Ukrainian wine), but its main story of the First World War was written outside Ukraine. This is a good story. are the third generation of historians in the United States who write about Ukraine. Books, classics such as M.Hrushevsky been partially translated into English. The works of modern historians Ukraine,who wrote about the period since 1991, and is mainly translated in Polish. Among them was Professor Jaroslav Gritsak. And although I do not speak, and yet I read in Ukrainian. And all this is enough to write. I can say that I have the greatest library in Sweden when it comes to the history of Ukraine. The second question was aboutWhich sources use when writing to the press. Following daily Ukrainian truth, look in Poland available channels. Also getting regular basis (daily, once a week) newsletters from various Western universities in your email. Without such thorough knowledge journalist can write & raquo ;. Met so many interesting people, I can tellthem until the morning Peter Jonsson said that writes mostly about politics and economics. Also report, that writes about people. In daily newspapers do not publish anything else. He also wrote for radio and television, and such reports – the only thing you can post. Sometimes even wrote a brief analysis or commentary. Another writes for academic viewReference Baltik Worlds, which may make such extensive interviews ’ S with some president or analyst. When asked about the most interesting people whom he had to write these reports or studies, can boast of personal acquaintance with famous politicians, Peter Jonsson said he met so many interesting people who can Storiesati them until the morning. In Ukraine, the well known first president Leonid Kravchuk. Returning to the book, he describes in her own, held December 7-8, 1991 in the Bialowieza Forest. He did then many interviews ’ S – with President Leonid Kravchuk, Stanislav Shushkevich, Gennady Burbulis. Also had interviews ’ S Mustafa Dzhemilev. &Laquo; Pis a fascinating figure, it is, in my opinion, can claim the Nobel Prize & raquo ;, – said Peter Jonsson. Donbass – This is a very specific region, but there is dominated by typical regional identity Remembering the stories of ordinary people, Peter Jonsson said in 1995 visited the mine near Donetsk. &Laquo; initially refused to Maineis let into the ground, they said that I could talk to the miners at the exit from the mine. I do not agree. Then director of mine invited me to his office and probably thought: « I'll show those stupid Swedes as it is in mine & raquo ;. Then we had a lift down to where the coal is mined, – there is the water temperature reaches 40 degreesa. Miners and brown stripped special machines, I porozmovlyav there with a young miner. After we left the mine director invited me to the car and we drove out of town. It was getting dark, there was a cemetery – Director pointed his hand on one side – 25 graves to another – 25 and said: « This is all my friends, I aloneSurvivors & raquo ;. It was a report that a Add ’ yatavsya & raquo ;, – said Peter Jonsson. According to him, mostly western journalist arrives in Ukraine is guided by the stereotype of the big difference between East and West Ukraine. In the book he wrote about it on the basis of for 20 years of sociological research between reggaeOnam, which, incidentally, is also performed by Prof. Jaroslav Gritsak. Peter Jonsson believes that this stereotype is not true. Donbass – This is a very specific region, but there is dominated by typical regional identity. As a result, there is great progress in the treatment of Ukraine by Western media When asked how evaluates information that serves western media about events in UkRaina, Peter Jonsson said that reads several European, American, Scandinavian newspapers. &Laquo; If you look, for example, as written about Ukraine during the Orange Revolution of 2004. While most of the Western media were influenced by the huge Moscow propaganda, which were allocated millions of dollars working special consultsatsiyni firms that ran this promotion. During martial law in Poland in 1980 was over 100 Western reporters in Warsaw. You can go count Western correspondents in Kiev, you can count on the fingers. They are not there permanently, any of Sweden. Where did they come to write about Ukraine? Usually, Moscow. Yes it was.Now this is starting to change a little. They are interested in Ukraine, but the fact that they have correspondents in Moscow, causing different view of things in Ukraine than in those correspondents who are in place or those coming as I did from Warsaw. I think that a lot has changed over the past two years, more than after 2004. Western media have no illusionson Putin & raquo ;, – said Peter Jonsson. Conducted a study which confirmed that the German newspapers – most critical in Europe. According to him, it's true. Reads S ü ddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt. The latest edition supports Chancellor Angela Merkel's party, but they are illusions about Putin did not have even criticized Ms. MErkel by indecision. The same is observed in the New York Times, The Washington Post. &Laquo; They have their correspondents in eastern Ukraine, which make reports and analytics. This is a huge step. Ukraine, perhaps for the first time through this tragedy, war differently interpreted Western media & raquo ;, – said Peter Jonsson. In Europe there is the fear of the Great Warth Peter Jonsson know personally many Western politicians, prominent journalists. When asked how Western politicians assess the situation in Ukraine, as they assess the policies of the new Ukrainian government, Peter Jonsson said that Western politicians, – not only in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, which are minded to know what we are talking, – now inclined to believe that Ukraine is a country that has a right to a choice that should be respected and supported. For after the events of 2004 such support was not. &Laquo; Memory ’ yatayu that the chief negotiator of the years from the European Union was G?nter Verheugen, who about four years ago at a large conference in Kiev said thatnow, not when in office, can say what he thinks about what happened in Brussels after the Orange Revolution. Then there was support, it would not listen. Now the situation is different. Gets Merkel and President Hollande to Minsk for talks and so behave like Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta, that is a little naive. Ms Merkel rabiesLA that will not supply weapons and President Hollande – that Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO. They may think so, but must negotiate, while losers from the very beginning. When they talk with Putin, I think that he sees the world in terms of their values, and it is not true & raquo ;, – Jonsson said. He added uof the European Union and the United States have good things to those sanctions worked together. But believes that this final phase but did not have a common, meaningful concept and were a bit naive. In his view, this was a mistake. Peter Jonsson sees progress, particularly when Mrs. Merkel said that Putin is not our world. &Laquo; The only reason – This fearbefore the great war. Unfortunately, this fear is real and it & raquo ;, – said Peter. Social movement in Ukraine – This is a big positive, as opposed to its failure elite The prospects for Ukraine in this situation, and with the support of which is that the current government can do, Peter Jonsson said this: « first step is to clearlyo say that Viktor Yanukovych not ’ appeared from space. For even came from the Donbass. Viktor Yanukovych and his regime – it was a coronation '23 debacle of Ukrainian elite. All economic and political elite failed to make reforms in the country after independence. I think during the presidency of Leonid Kravchuk was capturedAnnie fundamental way to organize society. Then began a long degradation in the Kuchma era, which ended Yanukovych. But there is a defining difference between Russia and Ukraine, where there was a great popular movement, which led to the overthrow of the Soviet regime. Subsequently, there have been many protests – Ukraine without Kuchma OrangeRevolution Square and the last, which was simply spectacular. In one way or another for more than 10 million people in the country were involved in the civil protest movement. &Laquo; you asked about the people I met. There was one lady from the city, which was preparing Cossack soup for 350 people. Had this store, but left to his family and to arrive in Kyiv tohelp. There was a whole group of people from Simferopol, who drove all night to Kyiv, stood all day on the Square, and night came back home ... Social Movement in Ukraine – This is a big positive, in contrast to the fiasco of the elite. Nowadays the war, Ukraine has to get help from the world, but primarily the authorities should implement reforms & raquo ;, –said Peter Jonsson. You can not make reforms without oligarchs When asked about what made the current Ukrainian government, Peter Jonsson said that reforms are needed, but they can be made subject to the unity of the country. And that, in his opinion, the most difficult. &Laquo; can not do without reform oligarchs. And Poroshenko merit thatit acts as a real politician. He had to sign this agreement in Minsk to stop killing people. I think he wants to make reforms first. Yushchenko also wanted but could not, would cry afterwards. West believes Poroshenko, which is good. As he has to do – I do not know & raquo ;. Discussion moderator asked about the creation of anti-corruption committeesone to which our President has attracted intellectuals who naturally should be responsible for these events in Ukraine. Peter Jonsson said that it is very important that happening Anti-Corruption Committee and more importantly, what it can do. &Laquo; Because despite the great popular movement intellectuals still stood apart, had accessin politics. Other countries were, say, Bronislaw Geremek, Vaclav avel who participated and responsibility for the country. In Ukraine, this was not. After the last bit of Revolution Square came from people in politics. This positive change. Regarding the involvement of foreigners in the Ukrainian government, it is absolutely necessary, especially in the Anti-Corruption Committee & raquo ;. When asked whether to avoid a major war the West can donate Ukraine, leaving her alone with the aggressor, Peter Jonsson said that the West will not leave Ukraine alone. It is that positive evolution. &Laquo; I have great respect for the former Minister Carl Bildt, who will never leave Ukraine alone. Flighting ready to act, however, they are careful because there is a great fear of the great war. This is their explanation & raquo ;, – he said. In his view, the best way, but further sanctions economic assistance to Ukraine, which is urgently needed. &Laquo; can give weapons Ukraine, but will best support if European countries (those xmsigned at Budapest Memorandum) will be able to place the control of foreign military conflict on the territory of Ukraine. However, since Russia is a member of the UN Security Council, it can block the decision & raquo ;, Peter Jonsson said, adding that the security system that existed after the collapse of the Soviet Union is no longer valid and a new system withouzpeky there. After the inviolability of borders and the right to sovereignty violated. Prepared by Galina Palaja for Help. Peter Jonsson – Swedish journalist and historian. More than three decades of living in Warsaw and writes on Central and Eastern Europe, up – about Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, in particular to the Swedish newspaper Goteborgs-Posten, shvedskomovnoho teleradiokanalu Finnish YLE, for the scientific journal Baltic Worlds. His book « Ukraine history from ancient times to 2015 » (Ukrayina i historien – fr å n ä ldsta tid till 2015) – the first book, so full of light the history of Ukraine for shvedskomovnoyi audience, – will be released this year inpublished April Carlsson Bokforlag (Stockholm). Peter Jonsson came to the city to improve knowledge of the Ukrainian language in « learn-ukrainian.org.ua – School of Ukrainian language and culture for foreigners & raquo ;. Told

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