In the Transcarpathian region Rakhovsky rescuers found him in the mountains two misguided tourists

evening, February 14, in the region of g Menchul Rakhivsky district during the route landmark lost mountain range and lost tourists from m. Ivano-Frankivsk. A guy and a girl aged 24 and 25 years, not previously registered in rescue divisionsactually, went to conquer the mountain slopes. They left the meadow Menchul things, turn up the mountains and Petros Sheshul then lost. Then the young men called to the rescue. In search of tourists at 21:30 workers went mountain search and rescue departments village Yassin and. Lazeshchyna. As guests of Transcarpathia had LichtArica, rescuers were advised them on the phone using a match dilute signal fire. It facilitated the search for tourists and did not give them freeze. Tourists found at 01:30 February 15 g Menchul nearby. Medical care they need. Then the guy with the girl brought to the meadow Menchul hut, where they warmed up and spent the night and morning trainOm went home. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region