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Easter eggs in Lutsk School

Christ's Resurrection, Easter - the main event of the year for Orthodox Christians. On the eve of the greatest Orthodox holiday of March 23, 2015 started the project "Easter soldier", which consists of two parts: "School Easter eggs" for children with family members ATO and children from families in needsocial support. The event was organized at the town center of social services for families, children and youth in cooperation with the "Foundation Igor Palytsi- New Luck 'and the Art Institute of Dreams them. Lesya Ukrainian. Armed with imagination and incredible desire of creating a miracle with his own hands, each small pysankariv created a unique work of art-pysanku, which absorbed the figurative and symbolic meaning, because every Easter eggs made by children will be presented to soldiers who are now in Lutsk military hospital. For our people Easter egg - a symbol of life, peace and prosperity, and of course, these charms will warm the hearts of our heroes who sacrificed themselves every day for our the futureit. Creative workshops will be able to visit the children of families in need of special social support children from families who find themselves in difficult circumstances, children from families whose members are mobilized and are in the area of ??ATO, children with disabilities and children with families temporarily moved from the occupied territory. Classes Mayyvatymut from 23 March to 10 April 2015. After the event, each participant received a wonderful sets of Easter eggs Fund "Igor-sticks-New Luck." Lutsk City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth (290 548, 290 546) This was reported in Lutsk City Council