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In the city council discussed the prospects for reform in Ukraine

this year - the year of reforms in Ukraine. Claimed by the President, Government and international organizations. Citizens also hope that implementation of these reforms will improve the quality of life, cost of living and not the most important, our country will be able to root out corruption. in the courtroom monthkoyi Council held roundtable called "the way of reform: how stodenna Government activities affect the lives Volyn" with the participation of the intensive care reform package. The event was also attended by Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev, representatives of public and political associations, media. Heanimatsiynyy reform package - an initiative of the Publics activists, experts and journalists coming together to accelerate reforms in the country. How to tell the coordinator of regional initiatives RPR Natalia Vatamanyuk initiative group brings together more than 300 experts, activists, journalists, academics, human rights activists of the 50 most famous Ukrainian think tanks and NGOs. Uchasnyky RPR with drafts, seeking their approval and control implementation of reform laws. Luck - the seventh city in which are discussed implementation of reforms in Ukraine. As part of the All-Ukrainian tour is planned to cover 24 cities. According to the organizers, during such meeting can hear opinions and propositiontion of people to compile them and convey to the Government. Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev said that through initiatives such reform process will go faster. "It is good that there is dialogue. For the current City Council local government reform. Most know how to reform those who work there, "- outlined the relevance ofustrichi it. Project manager Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research, the expert group RPR of local government reform and decentralization Lukerya John described the steps being taken towards decentralization. Yes, he said, has taken a number of legislative acts, the next stage - amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. Tacoas in his opinion, it is necessary to adopt new laws "On local government in Ukraine" and "On local state administrations". "This long-term reform, but structured and enable elimination of duplication of powers between local administrations and local authorities," - he said and stressed that sucon the implementation of this reform is only possible with the support of the "bottom" - it is a village, town and city councils. Representatives of NGO informed the participants about the reforms in the anti-corruption legislation in the field of elections, law enforcement and judicial reform. During the discussion it was saturated many suggestions and opinions. This was reported in Lutsk City Council