This year Vinnichchine sow sugar beet by 54 thousand hectares

According to the Department of Agricultural Development of RSA this year's sugar beet farmers sow region predict an area of ??54 thousand. Ha. As the director of the Department Nicholas Neyilyk profile during the meeting held in the Head, is to ensureing work 9 refineries that worked last year. Recall that last year the refineries Vinnichiny provide almost 431 thousand. Tons of sugar, which is the best rate in Ukraine. Moreover, as noted by RSA chairman Valery Cow, refineries region are working to be independent of the gas and go to alternativers fuels. "Our sugar mills confirm that nothing stands still. In terms of performance, in 1992 Vinnichchine working 40 sugar factories which produce sugar season for 840 thousand tons of sugar. At present sugar season included 9 that produce 431 000 tons. In addition, the processing of sugar beet Conductsya in terms of saving energy "- said Valery cow. By the way, last year the measures transferring plants to alternative fuels helped to save about 30% of natural gas. This year is carried further upgrading of the industry in the use of alternative fuels and upgrade processes that give outmohu reduce the volume of gas use by 20%. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration