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Lubomyr Husar: For Ukrainian would be a blunder to underestimate the importance of culture for

Ukrainian would be a blunder to underestimate the importance of culture. It would be useful to reflect on the current state of culture in society, to know its heritage and find out how this spiritual wealth we can use for the benefit of the people. Since the preservationpast and future development will help us to consciously become one people. Lubomyr Husar. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK About this in his blog on « Ukrainian Truth » wrote Bishops, Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Archbishop of Kyiv and Galician – head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the years 2005-2011 LubomirHusar. &Laquo; word « culture » recently on the lips of many people. Different people have different approaches to the subject. Most of those involved culture, understanding its importance in the lives of people complain that the state devotes very little attention to culture, and their main argument – is insignificant percentage of governmentbudget allocated to the field of culture. This is probably true for institutions responsible for culture loud enough people talk about the lack of financial support & raquo ;, – he writes. Bishops of the UGCC stressed that the church is more interested in the significance of culture for social life. He recalled that the term « culture » has two possible optiachennya – General and personal culture. Speaking of general culture, Lubomyr Husar defines it as the amount of artistic achievements. &Laquo; it is not only about things as carriers of beauty, and that in the amount of gains occupies an important role as a man & raquo ;, – he explains. Thus, as noted, to cultural materials include: literature, music, imageotvorche art, sculpture, architecture, theater, film and other things that are a common feature that is native beauty. &Laquo; these cultural works can be created both professional and folk artists. Some are designed to be examined, while others belong to the so-called arts, these are things that are used in niodennomu life. The people are proud of their cultural heritage, keep them at the same time trying to make their living elements of social life. And rightly so, because through these cultural heritage of nations spiritually developing ushlyahetnyuyutsya, elevate the level of their world view & raquo ;, – writes Cardinal of the Catholic Church. He emphasizes uof a person's life are very important sense of truth and goodness. Culture complements these two elements is the concept of beauty. &Laquo; It would be useful to reflect on the current state of culture in Ukrainian society, try to understand her heritage and ’ find out how the spiritual wealth that we can and should be used for the benefit of our people. As people doas rich in cultural heritage, can afford them lightly? Here we are not talking only about their safety and the use of them for fostering a sense of truth, goodness and beauty in the lives of citizens & raquo ;, – Lubomyr Husar said. He writes that in the last century in Ukraine perekotylysya two terrible wars, various crushing occupation,Famine was a long period and denial of human dignity. It's all left deep wounds in the psyche of our people. But we managed to destroy all cultural heritage. &Laquo; It would be a major blunder to underestimate the importance of culture. This is often necessary to emphasize, because should not be truly mature people not paying tribute to the culture. This truth can beeasy to prove if we pay attention to the role of culture in the preservation of our national identity. Dev ’ yatnadtsyate last century and will always be regarded with surprise because, despite the fact that we had to go through, we have not ceased to be a primarily thanks to culture. on the verge of great changes in the life of our people can not afford even the imaginationyou implement fully justified dreams existence of the original society without continuing process of culture. This preservation of the past and future development will help us to consciously become one people. Without this awareness, we can very easily become a victim of anyone who wants to see us divided, quarreled, so weak & raquo ;, – adds the UGCC. However, he stressed: « must not forget that the native culture as there are people who are talented, creative, good people. They can be born in the palace or in rural roof – origin is not a defining element. The bearer general culture can be any person, provided that it genuinely wants to develop God-given meltls. Such people become carriers of culture and deserve respect and city ’ Five & raquo ;. In addition, Lubomyr Husar urged not to give up culture for « this gift more than any other make Ukraine a favorite home for our people and powerful peacekeeping worthy of international attention and respect human member & raquo ;. Thisreported