In Transcarpathia requires prosecutors to return to the state land worth over 45 million USD, located in the recreation area

Uzhgorod Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office appealed to the Commercial Court region with a lawsuit in the public interest to Onokivskoyi village council and private entrepreneurs. Prosecutor demands to annul the contract for the righttemporary use of land, enclosed between the village council and Onokivskoyu now and return the land area of ??37 hectares and cost more than 45 million state. The reason for the prosecution to appeal the court was that the officials of the village council Onokivskoyi specified area was leased illegally, that is contrary to youquirements water and land legislation. Moreover, it is in the recreational area « Orihovytske Lake » and the claim of the prosecutor must be returned to the reserve lands Onokivskoyi village council. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region