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In Chernivtsi region meeting with

viewers on current aspects of road safety described in a 20-minute TV channel « Ray & raquo ;. Guest studio inspector on prevention of road traffic UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region police Lieutenant Igor Shepherd noted audiencesto transport her discipline, culture walking, drive vehicles, on the measures taken to prevent State car accidents. Accents speaker made the problem of child road traffic injuries, role in her community, teachers and parents. The death of two minor accidents in the regionSince the beginning of the year — confirm the relevance of the topic. Currently about it should not be forgotten also that Spring Break number of young road users on streets and highways increases, requiring intensive control by, first of all, parents, drivers attention as active cycling, more children can be seenand on mopeds and scooters. This is reminiscent of the traffic police and the meetings in schools. It was also about compliance with the rules by drivers parking vehicles penalties for violation of traffic rules, road conditions, and other issues of interest to motorists general public road users. Press Service of Internal Affairs of Ukraine UGAIand in Chernivtsi region