In January - February Lutsk received 409

electronic keys Within two months of 2015 409 inhabitants of Lutsk Lutsk region and received the keys of digital signature. This was during a round table with taxpayers head of the IT department Lutsk LIGHTS Main Department of DFS in Volyn region Valery Brodosyuk. The official have to pointin that electronic digital signatures are free to draw in offices Certification Authority. This department is in the center of service taxpayers Lutsk LIGHTS, address:. Lutsk, Kyiv square, 4, 30. Reference Room by calling 778-494. "Electronic keys trying to get more and more taxpayers as a digital signature toallows to use various electronic tax services - electronic cabinet, statements or declarations online "- said Valery. Note: with full details design digital signature can be found on the official information resource for reference ACA IDD SectorCommunications Lutsk LIGHTS This was reported in Lutsk City Council