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In Ivano-Frankivsk to rescue guests visiting students in junior

Visiting Ivano-Frankivsk rescuers 2-3 grade students visited school number 26, which had an interesting and informative tour of the museum Fire and Rescue Service Carpathians, where kids learn a lot to him. Impressed students Draught horse move with assiswhich my rescuers extinguished the fire in the last century, the statue of the patron saint of firefighters – Saint Florian, the picture of the largest fire in Stanislav and variety of exhibits that are presented in this exhibition. Head of communications ’ bonds of media and public relations management DSNS in Pertsovych said Dr. Christineityam the importance of following the rules of safe behavior at home and at rest, especially relating to explosive devices. For now, when the spring, they can be found in various places during walking in nature, and helping families and relatives in the garden. So tell kids how to act in case youMunitions appearing not to endanger himself or others, and handed out leaflets zasterezhuyuchi. Management DSNS in