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In Ternopil psychologists, volunteers and representatives of public organizations would increase skills towards working with displaced

events taking place in the east of Ukraine with severe social and psychological consequences for citizens. For many residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine and Crimea were forced to leave theirhomes to save their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, avoid violence and politically motivated persecution for their beliefs. Persons arriving from temporarily occupied territory and areas of ATO, with both material and psychological problems related ’ associated with events experienced by, loss of property, housing, relocation and startcom new life. With displaced psychologists, volunteers, representatives of NGOs. They provide them with social and psychological assistance and professional support, conduct educational activities are taught to deal with stressful situations and find the strength to solve life's problems and help overcome inner fears andanxiety. In order to raise the level of competence and expertise of these professionals Social Organization « Ukraine League of Social Workers » in collaboration with the International Institute of Depth Psychology (Kiev) implements the project « organization providing social and psychological assistance to children and their seven ’ pits displaced, theehiony of Ukraine temporarily occupied territories and districts of the antiterrorist operation & raquo ;, which is funded by the Australian Embassy in Poland. This project will help create a favorable psychological and field support for citizens from the East. In the role of national coach of Ternopil, it will participate HAthaliah Hesyuk, head of psychological services State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Ternopil region.