Vinnytchina: "The reforms - to life!" (+ Photos)

Problems elderly and solutions were discussed last week in the Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration during the "round table", initiated by regional public organization " Association of Retired Persons skirts "and bywith representatives of the Pension Fund's regional departments and offices that deal with social and medical support pensioners. Head of PFCs in. Helena winery Korczak to participants "round table" was declared to content innovations provided by law Ukraine " On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts Ukrayius on pensions ", which will take effect from April 1 this year. In particular, it emphasized that the law provides for a change of legislation governing pensions for blocks. One of them concerns the payment of pensions for civil servants, prosecutors, judges, MPs. Next - the payment of pensions to otherscategories of working pensioners. They provide that the period of paid 85% of the designated pension. In addition, the law provides for changing conditions of appointment of privileged pensions and seniority. Thus, from April 1, gradually changing age women needed to pensions on preferential terms. This process willI gradually over 10 years - every year for 6 months. The above change is the need to agree on preferential retirement age for women from their general retirement age. Also in stages 6 months a year changing the overall experience for the purpose of privileged pensions. This required length of service remains the privileged median. Participants of the meeting were most concerned, and thus caused a lot of questions problem of low pensions, especially the category of pensioners, which meant paying bilshe15-20 years ago. Troubled present and raising the retirement age, especially for women who are survivors pension. When asked to provide rulesnosti pension in case of employment or dismissal, including registration of individual entrepreneurs or cessation of business, it was clarified that the recipients of pensions should promptly report the circumstances of Pension Fund. Discussions on this issue concluded chairman of the board of the regional stateAdministration and Michael Bardin, calling current reformation heritage of the former Soviet system. These reforms in his opinion - is, first of all, development, employment, expansion of domestic production. He urged everyone to work together in the newly created public committees. Meaningful information about how vprovadzhuyetsya in medical reform path and its prospects for the future given the deputy director of the Department of Health and the State Administration Volodymyr resorts Fedyk. He said that health reform was launched in four pilot regions in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, and Kyiv. Gained experience, includingand some bad moments will continue to implement changes more systematically. After analyzing the reform, backed by its visuals - album of the districts of the results of the course of reform, he expressed the belief that further changes should be based on continuous dialogue between the government and professional medical sharingotoyu with mandatory considering all proposals for the structure and specialization of medical institutions, staffing, address social issues sector employees. Preferably critically assess present pensioners implementation of health reform. Some ventured to disagree with positive moments reform and even rememberingformer Soviet Semashko system, announced the suspension of reform option, as such, does not increase nor money, nor access to care, but rather forcing doctors to unprofessional activities and inconvenient for admission to family doctors. There were statements about the introduction of the only true way for quality and affordable medicine -compulsory public health insurance, it was noted that the priority should be the regional medical disease prevention, aktsentuvalos European experience in implementing partnership approach between doctor and patient. There were also questions of social security pensioners Vinnitsa region. All proposals made inroundtable been recorded for further work and consideration. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration