Soldiers Battalion "Ternopil" met with the leadership of District

Berezhansky Chairman Berezhany district state administration Vasyl Kalyniuk administration met with the deputy commander of the battalion "Ternopil" Dmitry Haydkom and soldiers of the Battalion - Ruslan Vladimir Horbovo school and who are currently in rotation SARma. During the meeting D. Haydko said the head of the district military successes Battalion "Ternopil ', which is stationed in Lysychansk. Noted that the great respect and merit awards of valor, men, young boys with Berezhanschyny who serve in the battalion "Ternopil" is - Ruslan school, Vladimir Horbovo Paul Turchin, Oleg Ivaniychuk. Two Categoriesashyh countrymen Vitali Peter Lazarus and a draft of the battalion "Ternopil" moved to another unit to serve in intelligence. The deputy battalion commander asked for assistance in providing management area referred soldiers tangible benefits, allocation of land and in celebration valuable gifts. In addition, Dmitry Haydko as deputy teamira on material support, requested the government to provide partial support in the form of buying and fuel for cars that got battalion of volunteers. RGA Chairman Basil Kalyniuk defenders thanked Ukraine for courage and promised that all parties berezhantsyam ATO will be given maximum attention and given appropriate assisha. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration