Vinnichchina once again proved its superiority during fundraising IX All-Ukrainian Action Foundation "Heart to Heart" (+ photos)

on March 23 at the premises of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration held a final press conference for the transfer of medical equipment purchased by the results of the ninth regional stage Ukrainian charitable action "Heart to HeartI ", and preparations for the campaign in 2015. The event was attended by Deputy Head of Family, Youth and Sports Regional State Administration Natalia Zabolotnaya, chairman of the Foundation Eugene Baranskii, Chairman of the Board ACF Jerzy Konica, heads of departments Administration, which involved proving shares are presented in, and regional representative Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Heart to Heart" Tatiana Dronchak. "Our task - to bring to society slogan that help - it's easy and fun. We try to shape young people a sense of empathy. After evaluation factor results are not only financial component, but severalNumber of people involved. And when you look at Vinnitsa region, you see that this region lives "- said Eugene Baranskii. In 2014, the event was held under the slogan "I want to see life!" And was aimed to raise funds for the purchase of modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment for children with visual impairments. Following the ninth action "Heart to Heart" totalfunds collected in Vinnitsa region is 512 160.20 USD. This amount is the largest in the overall ranking of regions of Ukraine. Thus, representatives Kryzhopolskoho, Haysyn Yampolsky and areas that have collected the largest amounts were transferred diplomas. In turn, Jerzy Konica said: "The Foundation is not just to collect money, but to teaching children. We teach them to give another piece of heart. In your area is good at. So I would like us to attract the participation not only students, but also smaller children - 10-12 years. " At the end of the event organizers said that the event in 2015 will carry the name "Rescue of life" and will be held 1-30 April with the purchase of resuscitationequipment for emergency medical care for children. Reference: Since 2006 in Ukraine in April, is an annual charity event help sick children "Heart to Heart". The action started on the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Heart to Heart". An example for it was of a similar event in Poland. On withibrani population, organizations, institutions and agencies of the funds purchased medical equipment for the sick children. For four years Vinnytsia region ranks first in Ukraine for the amount of money raised. During the years of participation in the action the amount of money raised is 2 million. 963 thousand 675 UAH. 69 kopecks.This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration