Haidukevych, Butusov, Slaboshpytsky won the award "Person of the Year"

March 21 in Kiev held 19th Awards ceremony "Person of the Year 2014". The list of winners published site UA Info. Awards won and mass media and cinema. The winner in the category « TV journalist of the year » became a journalist of Channel 5, blogger Vitaliy Haydukevich. The winner in the category « Internet Media was selected site « Tsenzor.NET » (Editor in chief Yuri Butusov). The winner of the « artist of the year » &Ndash; filmmaker, author tapes « tribe ’ I » Miroslav Slaboshpytsky. Some nominees were subjected to skepticism reputation bonuses and refused to nominate Bunsttya title « Man of the Year 2014 & raquo ;. Among them – Head « Ukrainian Truth » Elena Prytula. On his Facebook page A. Prytula said that it is against the nomination « Ukrainian Truth » for getting this award. Opposed by journalists and publications. &Laquo; started Prize « Man of the Year » in timeand, when there were real heroes – worthy winners immediately began publication and decent people. But the change of government in the country award winning and gray parasites in power, people are very different caliber – but always pleased for the rulers. There were rarely, and decent people, but rather as a modest side dish to main course & raquo ;, – says CCAparticular, Entire Helena PRYTULA, reports « Telekritika & raquo ;. Told

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/