DSNS Ukraine - for direct public participation in shaping the European Rescue

Reforming the executive power in accordance with international standards activity requires constant participation of citizens in shaping future policy and direction of each state institution. State Emergency Service of Ukraine PRAoppression establish a clear algorithm of interaction and cooperation with civil society organizations to engage in the process of reforming the Ukrainian system of civil protection. After all, public control over the activity DSNS Ukraine will efficiently and effectively form a really popular European rescue service. March 23, the Constituent Assembly To sendof formation of the new Public Council under the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The event was attended by representatives of NGOs who wanted to join the new community board at DSNS Ukraine, service representatives and the media. Members of the initiative group to prepare a constituent assembly to formuvannya Public Council under DSNS Ukraine informed the participants about the activities that were carried nymydlya formation of the new Council, especially the consideration of applications for participation in the said advisory body, and announced the outcome of these documents. After discussing all issues under certain agendath meeting by open vote counting commission was formed, was elected chairman and secretary of the Constituent Assembly adopted the quantitative and personal composition of the new Public Council under the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. During the meeting it was decided to create a public council at DSNS Ukraine in the amount of 23 people.The corresponding decision will be submitted for approval by the Head of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies. Recall that the Public Council is a permanent collegial elected advisory body established for the participation of citizens in public affairs, public control of the executiveth power, establishing effective interaction of these with the public, the public opinion in the formulation and implementation of public policy. Community councils are formed pursuant to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 996. Press office DSNS Ukraine